Ernest Cline, author of ‘Armada’ and ‘Ready Player One’

JJ interviews the novelist Ernest Cline about growing up with video games, and why he mined the geek culture of his youth for “Ready Player One” and “Armada.” Then, JJ talks to Laura Hudson of Offworld and Wired about her review of “Armada” in Slate.

‘The Magic Circle’ and ‘Tonight Show’ producer Gavin Purcell

A show about talking about playing a game about playing a broken game.  What’s better, the talking or the playing? Plus, the supervising producer of the ‘Tonight Show’ lifts the curtain on Jimmy Fallon’s decadent FIFA aftershow parties.

‘Lifeline,’ ‘Fallout Shelter’ & narrative designer Cara Ellison

Have you ever played video games–on your telephone? You will. And the company that will bring it to you? Not AT&T. JJ and Chris review “Lifeline,” a game designed for the Apple Watch, and “Fallout Shelter.” Plus, Chris talks to Cara Ellison, a game designer and critic, about working on “Grand Theft Auto IV” and “Dishonored 2.”