All-Star GOTY Spectacular

What was your favorite game of 2015? We asked 22 of the smartest people we know–designers, critics, academics, political journalists, an actor, a playwright–and got 18 different answers.

Starring, in order of appearance: Ken Levine, Tina Amini, Michael Abbott, Stephen Totilo, Lucy Prebble, Meg Jayanth, Simon Parkin, Helen Lewis, Peter Suderman, Bob Whitaker, Ashly Burch, Carolyn Petit, Anita Sarkeesian, Michael W. Clune, Austin Walker, Tracy Fullerton, Evan Narcisse, Laura Miller, Olivier Knox, Laura Hudson, Brenda Romero, and Jenn Frank.


The end of ‘Fallout 4’ & ‘Shadow of the Colossus’

The “Fallout 4” saga concludes. Or JJ’s saga concludes, on a spoiler-y note. Then, Chris talks to Nick Suttner about his new book on Team Ico’s “Shadow of the Colossus,” which is titled, appropriately, “Shadow of the Colossus.” It’s the latest from Boss Fight Books. We spoil “Shadow of the Colossus,” too, but c’mon, it came out more than 10 years ago. There’s an expiration date on these things.

‘The Force Awakens’

Shall we watch a movie? SPOILER WARNING: Do not listen to this podcast if you have not seen JJ Abrams’ new “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens.” Also, JJ couldn’t prevent himself from cursing at one point, so like the movie, this podcast is rated PG-13.

‘Star Wars Battlefront’

What will “Star Wars” video games look like in the age of “The Force Awakens” and annual Disney movie releases? JJ and Chris talk about why “Star Wars Battlefront” looks and sounds exactly like “Star Wars” without capturing the soul of the series. Is the golden age of “Star Wars” video games behind us, or will Amy Hennig (no, there is another) bring us the next “Knights of the Old Republic”?

Still More ‘Fallout 4’ & Listener Mail

After their debut on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” JJ and Chris continue their serial review of “Fallout 4,” a podcast miniseries that is now beginning to approach the length of the real “Serial.” Did Chris betray the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, or the Institute? Why is JJ more forgiving of the narrative failings of Bethesda and BioWare games than of indie games like “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”? Does he secretly find pleasure in the mundanities of inventory management? A mildly spoiler-y discussion of our (still unfinished!) playthroughs of “Fallout 4.”