‘Prison Architect’ & (Really!) Listener Mail

Chris Delay and Mark Morris of Introversion Software drop by to talk about their acclaimed simulator “Prison Architect,” which finally exited Steam’s Early Access program this month. With the growing discussion of mass incarceration in the United States, do Americans experience the game in a different context than players in other countries? And why are prisons so fascinating?

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  1. Jason
    October 17, 2015

    complaining that the game is hard to figure out isn’t that bad because it’s actually very direct, a lot more direct than sim city for example, and when that game came out no one complained because that was back in the day when people were used to thinking and learning how to play a new game because it was a new game. Blame all the games that don’t require learning, don’t blame this game because it requires learning.

  2. J.J. Sutherland
    October 22, 2015

    Fair enough. It does have a pretty steep learning curve even for an involved game. That does not make it a bad game at all, as Chris and the interview demonstrate. I wasn’t actually reviewing the game as a whole, I just thought I’d get a taste of it before the show so I could at least know what it was like. Chris, who did learn it, really liked the game. I do think that teaching a player how to play a game by playing the game is not always executed well and I think it should be. Why make the beginning of the game bad? See our take on Arkham Knight, for instance. http://shallweshow.com/2015/06/arkham-knight-literary-critic-laura-miller/


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