‘Kentucky Route Zero’

The first act of Cardboard Computer’s evocative point-and-click adventure. Plus a little “Deus Ex Go”


Still more “No Man’s Sky”


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1 Comment

  1. Jeff
    August 25, 2016

    KRZ feels a lot like a video game by way of a book with a touch of David Lynch. Picking bits of dialog being the most obvious literary connection, but also with the descriptors of the world you can’t see informing the places you can see. KRZ gets a lot of mileage outside the lines of the game itself, letting you imagine the places and oddities it describes by asking you to draw upon what you have seen to fill in the lines. Between KRZ, Abzu and Inside you guys are getting a lot of mileage from games that create awesome tone. Can’t wait to see you’re reviews on the next episodes in the series (I’m assuming you will, but I could be wrong), they get even more interesting.

    Love the podcast guys, keep up all the awesome work!


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