The Economist’s Ryan Avent & More ‘Persona 5’

Ryan Avent of The Economist talks about research showing that some people may be dropping out of the workforce to play video games. Plus, JJ and Chris are still playing “Persona 5.”

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Sam Biddle: What I Play


“Escape to Another World,” by Ryan Avent


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  1. Lemony
    April 14, 2017

    Hey guys, really enjoyed the podcast for a good while. Thought I would chime in to let you guys know that Persona 5 is really, really long. Not sure if you have ever used the website “How long to beat” but it is a really great resource. It’s a sort of crowd-sourced website where people put in how long it took them to beat various games. I use it when planning out my steam purchases and stuff. Anyway, Persona 5 is currently at 97 hours for beating the game which is kind of… just… wow:

    If y’all are going to stick it out might I suggest splicing in some smaller games to mix it up? Here are some of my favorite (short!) indies I don’t think you guys have talked about:

    To The Moon –
    One Shot –
    Pony Island –

    Feel free to ignore my suggestions but I think the podcast is the most interesting when you guys are talking about new experiences.

    1. Chris Suellentrop
      April 14, 2017

      Thanks! I promise we won’t do a year of shows about Persona 5 without talking about other games, too! And recommendations are always welcome.


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