‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ & More ‘Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus’

Alright, Der Fuhrer, it’s time for my closeup.

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1 Comment

  1. Jeff Hodges
    November 25, 2017

    Definitely some good points for Wolfenstein II. But Chris, there is a moment so awesome in this game, so absurd and bonkers in the way that only Wolfenstein can achieve and you are so close to it, that were you to continue not playing I think you would be disappointed. But to get there, you would have to keep going through this game you have lost faith in. So I present to you a Wolfenstein-esque choice: Do you take my word for it and embark on a blind leap of faith? Or, do you simply follow the youtube link below to just watch the cutscene? I’ll tease you with one great tidbit about the moment (capitalized for emphasis on it’s brilliant absurdity): it’s a FILM AUDITION IN A NAZI STRONGHOLD ON PLANET VENUS!!!


    Also, full disclosure, Wyatt easily has the 2 best timelines in each game. In the previous game, you come across Jimi Hendrix as a part of your resistance team. For New Colossus, he has the best ending speech.


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