HTC Vive & ‘Clash Royale’

On setting up an HTC Vive Pre, playing the VR adventure game “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed,” and crawling around on the floor while playing “Unseen Diplomacy.” Then (at 24:00), why the best thing about Nintendo’s “Miitomo” mobile app is that it got us playing Supercell’s “Clash Royale.”

Who Shot Alison Rapp? Plus ‘Life Is Strange’ & ‘Witcher 3’

Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek talks with Chris and JJ about his reporting on Alison Rapp, a Nintendo employee who was fired for moonlighting, according to the company. Rapp also was the target of a sustained campaign of online harassment. Was she a victim of the video-game culture wars?

Then (at 28:51), we have a spoiler-y discussion of Episode 3 of “Life Is Strange,” followed by a toe-dip (at 39:26) into our progress in “The Witcher 3.”