Slate editor Julia Turner: What I Play

Julia Turner, the editor-in-chief of Slate and a host of Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast, talks about why she plays games on her iPhone, why she aspires to be called a gamer, and why she can’t stop playing Two Dots. LANGUAGE WARNING: Chris forgot to tell Julia that this podcast is supposed to be PG rated.

‘Witcher 3’ & ‘Hearthstone’

Happy New Year! It’s time to clear out your 2015 backlog before Jonathan Blow’s “The Witness” arrives near the end of the month. We’re tackling “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” Then, Chris talks to New York magazine editor and former Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read about “Hearthstone.”

‘Don’t Starve,’ ‘This War of Mine’ & Listener Mail

JJ and Chris are prepping an episode about “Fallout 4” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” so here is a remix of two of our favorite segments, plus some new listener mail: Slate books and culture columnist Laura Miller talks about her “Don’t Starve” obsession; JJ plays “This War of Mine” and compares it to his experiences as a war correspondent; and (and this is new) a listener with suggestions for games that Jesus would love.

Political reporter Olivier Knox: What I Play

Who will be the first gamer president? With Gen-X candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio touting their video game bona fides as they seek the White House in 2016, Olivier Knox–the chief Washington correspondent for Yahoo News and briefly a nationally ranked “Battlezone” player–joins the show to discuss the politics of “Gauntlet,” the potential for congressional hearings about iPhone games, and the evolving relationship between American politicians and interactive entertainment.

‘The Magic Circle’ and ‘Tonight Show’ producer Gavin Purcell

A show about talking about playing a game about playing a broken game.  What’s better, the talking or the playing? Plus, the supervising producer of the ‘Tonight Show’ lifts the curtain on Jimmy Fallon’s decadent FIFA aftershow parties.

‘Arkham Knight’ & literary critic Laura Miller

The new Batmobile: nuisance or menace? Chris and JJ review Rocksteady’s “Batman: Arkham Knight.” And Laura Miller, Salon‘s literary critic, confesses to an obsession with the video game “Don’t Starve.”